Typographic Posters

This is a selection of typographic posters I made over the years. My main influences are Dutch and Swiss design, John Cage, Taoism, Eugen Ionescu and Joseph Beuys. I am particularly interested in allowing daily random anecdotes to sneak into the work and influence the crafting process, the ephemeral and randomness of life that can somehow be frozen in time on a piece of paper or otherwise disappear and be forgotten.

“What I meant to say was that I’m not interested in precision or the absolute beauty but the intuitive approach and the fact that I can allow casual mistakes to structure my work, to become a relevant part of it. My work becomes more valuable to myself and others if I let life talk through it. I like to engage elements of chance, random happenings in the construction of my work. It is the stream of consciousness, doors that keep opening as you enter more doors. You can’t see the finish line yet nor the starting point you left behind but somehow you feel it’s leading you to the right place.”interview for Typopassage, 2011






- Lyrics by The Waterboys