Mixed Dutch Journal

Communication Design
Artwork / Photography

Mixed Dutch Journal is a visual travel journal documenting on my one year immersion in dutch culture and design. The journal is a compilation of pictures, texts narrated through typographical experiments using an interplay of letrasets, paper-cuts, post-it paper, photography and other bits and pieces. It contains photos of everyday life, places I cherished, mundane encounters, visual trinketry, quotes of people I met and text snippets from email correspondence with family and friends. It is a tiny personal mythology book about my life in Amsterdam between 2004-2005. The frame narrative technique was used as a visual tool to enhance temporality and more distinctively the human’s perception of time – an intertwining melting pot without boundaries.

“What I meant to say was that I’m not interested in precision or the absolute beauty but the intuitive approach and the fact that I can allow casual mistakes to structure my work, to become a relevant part of it. My work becomes more valuable to myself and others if I let life talk through it. I like to engage elements of chance, random happenings in the construction of my work. It is the stream of consciousness, doors that keep opening as you enter more doors. You can’t see the finish line yet nor the starting point you left behind but somehow you feel it’s leading you to the right place.” - interview for Typopassage, 2011

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