Omagiu Magazine

Art Direction / Graphic Design
Illustration / Custom Lettering

Omagiu was a Remix Culture Magazine dedicated to discovering hidden gems of alternative/urban/underground culture. That is mostly deviations from the norm which the magazine was never short of due to the unique ability of the Romanian scene to blend contrasting realities and culture forms. Critically acclaimed, Omagiu Magazine was selected one of the 10 up and coming magazines in Europe at Colophon Luxembourg 2007 / International Magazine Symposium and invited again in 2009. Omagiu’s distribution network included prestigious bookshops in Europe and North America as well as museums, cultural institutions and specialized events.

Omagiu worked extensively with local and international artists, emerging or already established. The magazine was also often engaged in various local and international projects that focused on contemporary forms of art & culture, realizing its potential as a bridge tool in connecting artists and creatives and keeping the community thriving, fresh and alive. I was involved in every aspect of the magazine production including: concept and art direction, layout, typography, illustrations, custom lettering, typo treatments, color correction & photo retouching, pre-press, reviewing and approving materials to be published, coordinating co-workers and resources. Involved in communication and media awareness campaigns for the promotion of the magazine (ads, flyers, brochures, presentations, press kits, interviews, photo shootings).

Omagiu – Remix Culture Magazine 2005-2010

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Brian May illustration by Maria Guta 





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